Fond of the Sky

It is absolutely gorgeous out here this morning. Ethereal splendor. I'm full of peace, lost in the clouds...Stunning, wonderful beauty, clouds... lots and lots of clouds, fast moving and tinged with sunlight. Fullness. Happiness. Blessings. Light...I'm covered in fog. Light and fog. Remarkable...Thought the show was over. Maybe I'll wait it out and see what happens... All drama this morning on the ridge... Rain... I got rain on my toes, in my coffee cup, making my hair frizzy. Absolutely love it... No sun... Fog, light, and life...there she is... And I'm soaking wet. Must be heaven here on the ridge this morning...

"An old story tells of a man
who grew so fond of the sky
of the clouds like hills and the shadows of hills,
of the birds like notes of
and the stars like distant
that he made his heart a kite
and sailed it into the firmament."
~ Kevin Brockmeier
...So much aloha is sent your way with this sunrise... thank you for your follow & friendship. Make it a special day. Celebrate!
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Write by: RC - Sunday, August 1, 2010

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